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ČITALIŠTE: the scientific journal on theory and practice of librarianship, is dedicated to development and fostering scientific researches in the areas such as library history, cultural, communicational and educational functions of librarianship, sociology of the book and reading, information literacy, knowledge organization, bibliography, library management, management of library information systems, as well as information and media technologies in the context of development of libraries.

By publishing competent, peer-reviewed papers in aforementioned areas, ČITALIŠTE makes efforts to contribute to strengthening of librarianship as a science in Serbia, to promote the dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, and to promote libraries and librarians as carriers of the social development.   [More...]

• ČITALIŠTE № 42 is published •

THEME in 42th issue:  Special Libraries

Vukotić, Bojana: Special libraries and libraries of science and research institutes and institutions in the Republic of Serbia 2019-2022
Drmanac, Mirko: Quantitative Economic Models for Business Evaluation of Special Libraries
Jovančićević, Milica; Merenik, Slavica: Formation and development of holdings of the Library of the Historical Institute in Belgrade
Živanović, Vladimir: The Library of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS)
Markov, Mirjana: Acquisition of library materials in the Library of the Institute of Comparative Law
Nikić, Sanja; Milovanović, Milan: The Historical Journey of the Library of the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade through the Work of Librarians