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Ivana Todorović
Narodna biblioteka Srbije, Beograd

doi: 10.19090/cit.2022.41.3-18
No. 41 (November 2022), p. 3-18

Library and Information Science Periodicals in Serbia 2017-2021


The paper presents periodicals in the field of library and information science published between 2017 and 2021. The journals dealing with the field as their main or major topic were reviewed, as well as those that have established sections dedicated to librarianship, but are focused on other areas.
The analysis is based on the research of sources via COBIB.SR database, and the titles with the hit of at least one issue published during the period 2017-2021 were included. The titles of serial publication available in the collection of the National Library of Serbia were reviewed, as well as those available online.
The paper examines the current situation of the professional publishing and its importance for the development of the scientific discipline and practice. At the same time, journals addressing library practice along with other areas were analyzed – literature, arts, history and local topics. The text is an effort to examine the current trends related to publishing periodicals dealing with the theory and practice of librarianship.
The results show that the number of scientific journals in 2021 increased compared to the previous period. However, significant number of serial publications issued during the analyzed period belongs to the group of professional magazines dealing with librarianship as their main or major topic.
Overall, the analysis of Serbian periodicals on subjects related to library and information activities in the past period shows that they acted as means for active participation in scientific communication, exchange of professional experiences, and promotion of libraries. Also, it shows that their publishers paid great attention to recognizing and fulfilling the needs of the communities in which they operate.


librarianship, library and information activities, serial publications, scientific journals, professional journals, libraries, publishing

Submitted: 11th November 2022
Correction to the manuscript: 18th November 2022
Accepted for publication: 20th November 2022

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